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Top 10 SEO Tips for a Better Google Ranking
By K Damian Qualter in "Featured Translate"

02, 2012 Wednesday

Even though there are numerous search engines available on the internet we all know that Google is the one that counts when it comes to rankings. This means that if you want your website to be successful you need to aim your SEO campaign at Google, but how exactly can you do this if you struggle to understand the complexities of the subject?

1. Create Content That Isnít Time Sensitive

Putting good quality content on your website that wonít go out-of-date in a few weeks or months is an easy way to boost search engine optimization. By making the content you use useful now and in the future you wonít need to remove it and replace it over and over again Ė you can simply add to it on a regular basis.

A website with very poor content or very little content is an SEO no-no if you want good search engine rankings so get your typing head on and create some content that people will be glad to read now and in 10 yearsí time.


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Easy Tips to Make Your Site Rank Better

July 08, 2011 Published By Rakesh

Quality traffic or lack thereof can make or break any website. There are tons of ways to bring new visitors to a site but few can match the quality or volume of search engines for providing traffic - Google in particular. When your website is ranked through Google, the floodgates of traffic will open up and flow right into your site. But in order to achieve a good position on Google, you have to convince them that your site is worth ranking. How? Boost your site's page rank before you make any move to get Google's attention. This article explores various methods you can follow to boost page rank. Social bookmarking websites like Reddit and Digg all have high page ranks and any websites that get submitted to them can obviously be helped. When you add good content to these sites they can offer you a great way to find.


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The Best Ways to Up Your Page Rank

Published On Wednesday, June 22nd 2011

One of the most important things you can do for your website and business is to raise your page rank because the traffic you get from that will be very good quality and highly relevant to your cause. Your page rank, on the one hand, is just a number but, on the other, that is the number Google uses to figure out how relevant your page is to a search query. Yes, there are lots of factors that can influence your siteís page rank but knowing how to raise things can certainly help you out. In the following article we shall be discussing how any webmaster can slowly and steadily increase their siteís page rank. One of the best ways to raise your siteís page rank is with article marketing. There are a few article directories which are great for helping website owners raise their sites page rank. A few examples are:,,,, etc. These sites all have high page rank. Just so you stay within the rules and donít get your account closed, make sure to read the rules for each individual article directory before submitting articles. Even the tiniest of infringements could result in you losing your account with an article directory. Since article directories provide such a simple and effective method for website owners to raise their page rank, you really canít afford to not stay on their good sides.


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SEO articles are really influential on the Internet users decisions? We are those that think that articles and ebooks or everything that we could read about SEO is really important if we are rally intrested to get good quality traffic not only paid or referral traffic. So many SEO experts claim that traffic to web sites must have at least 30 or 40% of all traffic coming to our web sites. The reason is that organic search is a human factor (someone is searching on Google or another SE for a keyword that we placed on the main page or other web page of the site. It is so different than when we have to pay for traffic and the visitors have no interest to visit our web site but just gain some money from tyhe sites that pay for clicks.
SEO articles and reviews are so important and an endless job. Not easy to do in a day by day basis but we must try everything to make a dynamic web site with a regular intervention to cahnge the content of our web site, place contextual links (in and out) and do everything we can to improve our keywords according SEO recomendations. Internet is constantly changing and Google and other search engines are also changing their rules and recomendations. What was good in the past is now outdated and inadequate. If we donīt do a hard job on this we certainly could reach thouands of visitors but if are into the business area we have no customers to cover all our expenses.


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